Pageant Interviews
Dominique Van Eeckhoudt Interview

Miss Belgium 1981, Miss Nations 1981 & 4th runner up at Miss Universe 1981

Dominique Van Eeckhoudt - Miss Belgium 1981

     Why did you decide to compete in the Miss Belgium pageant?

The director of my school wanted me to participate in the Miss Bruxelles contest. I won Miss Bruxelles and because of that I was automatically candidate for Miss Belgium.


What was going through your head when you were announced as the new Miss Belgium?

I expected another girl (to win), because she was an ex James Bond girl. She was taller than me and really pretty. I was very surprised. I couldn’t believe it.


What would be your most memorable moment at Miss Universe?

There are many magical moments;

- The first contact with the committee and the other girls.

- The real friendship with some girls and the conversations we had together.

- The interview with the judges, especially with Julio Iglesias and Lee Majors !

- Lee Majors invited me to the restaurant (I didn’t go) and sent he me flowers!

- The top five.

- The contact I had with people in the street. They recognized me! I was flattered!


  What would be your first thought when you were called as the 4th runner up at Miss Universe?

Honestly I was not thinking anymore! I didn’t expect to be in the top five. What a honor

and I found (at last!) my mother in the audience!


 Tell us about the national costume you wore at Miss International.

I was proud of this dress because I chose it! I wanted a costume of the period; Renaissance 18th century. It was a horsewomen costume.

Belgium has a long history! We have a large choice!


What would be your most memorable moment out of all the pageants you competed in?

My crowning as Miss Nations 1981 in Morocco.


Lastly, what have you been up to since your reign as Miss Belgium ended? 

I worked as a model.

I took part in the judging for Miss Belgium, Miss France, Miss Switzerland and Miss Europe.

I organized the official province contest during some years.

I married in 85 (still married!) 2 kids (18 & 23 years of age now!) Sarah & Amauri.

I work now for years in computers & multimedia.

I still help committees, young girls and I am often judge for contest in Belgium.